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“”Protégez vos Tympans portez vos Tampons”””


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Addicted to music since childhood, it was in 1993 that the teenage Mickael a.k.a Mik izif got his first set of decks. whilst heavily into detroit techno and chicago house at first, Mik also had tendencies for Acid House with his hysterical and minimal groove, (Dj Pierre, Jeff Mills, Mad Mike,UR, Plastikman, etc…) Later arrived the London wave with its acid techno sound, when Mik discovered the TB303. It’s phat sound would seduce him and become his accomplice in the years to come.
Athough he has experimented with an eclectic mix of styles, Mik always remained faithful to the music he began with.
Today his production include Techno Minimal and Electro. His Dj sets are more Techno Minimal heavy, with strong beats and fat synth. The tunes are ours, to savour on the dance-floor.
The rest in music.


Second Floor
>>>SWITCH<<< WILL BE GOOD UNDERGROUND BASS MUSIC & SCRATCH NOYL: http://www.djnoyl.com/ Originating from hiphop and turntablism where he perfected his art among the greatest DMC champions or the birdy nam nam, NOYL turned to breakbeat and dubstep where he use his talents of scatcher to insert scratch and beatjuggling routines in his sets ans mixtapes. Presently based in Montreal, he shared the stage with dirtyphonics, nero and even rusko. DIALECT: http://www.davedialect.com/ http://www.soundcloud.com/dave-dialect http://www.twitter.com/DaveDialect Dave Dialect, born in the greater Montreal region in the early 1980's, was initially influenced by local Hip Hop Dj's making mix tapes in 95. Quick to get onto mom & pops' "all in one" stereo unit and scratch the shit out of everything from Disney's 101 dalmations, to old school Irish drinking ballads. He began showing up at mix sessions, to jam and record with other Dj's and Mc's in 96. Progressing onto working with local Rap vocalists and recording music with them, he also began performing with them at talent shows, and other miscellaneous events. He continued pursuing his Hip Hop scratch Dj dreams, until he started hearing some early jungle mixtapes, and then venturing out to the afterhours clubs downtown. Experimenting with the B sides of his records, and playing hip hop breaks at 45rpm, instead of 33rpm, he discovered the fun of mixing music at a higher tempo. He then became obsessed with the pumping party sounds of House, Techno, Electro, & Breaks, and began collecting a whole new record collection. Since his debut into the Montreal underground scene in 2001, Dave Dialect has been playing out at literally any, and every club/bar/rave/afterhours across the map. Openning for such acts such as Datsik, Ed Rush, General Midi, J-Bass, Marty Mcfly, Krinjah, Robb G, Sase One, Bombaman, and many other talents from all across Canada, U.S.A, and the U.K. Holding down several residencies spanning the past 7 years, Dialect can be heard rocking the dancefloor on any given night of the week in the city. After being put down time and time again by record labels, for such tracks as "Worthless Shitbag", "Sniff Coke Off My Dick" & "Torture Motherfucker", Dave Dialect finally met up with a new record label conveniently starting up in Montreal. Releasing his first single with them (Planete Break Records), Dialect has since put several other tracks out on: Calgary's Breakz R Boss Records, Montreal's Monkey Dub Recordings, UK's Nu Style Records, and forthcoming remix for Vancouver's Bass Bong Records. MC DUST : Aka Mc Cubik resident for 5 years with dj Generik at KO DNB the monthly party on LAST Fridayat Petit Campus is now called CTRL \ MC DUST GONNA OPEN THIS NEW NIGHT WITH HIS FABULOUS RHYMES AND FLOW ........ BE HAPPY JUMPY SWITCH ITS GOOD UNDERGROUND BASS MUSIC ,SCRATCH PLECKO & DJEWEL YOUR SAPHIR residents TURNTABLE JUMPERS ! .=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.= ::::::::::::MENSTRUELLE & SWITCH ::::::::: It's at SAPHIR : 2 Dances Floors ,2 Ambiances, CHEAP Goood Boooz , Good Peoples ,Terrasse open , BabyFoot.... 10Pm-03Am. @ SAPHIR 3699 Bld st Laurent Montréal Saphir group to keep in touch with us : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2328313239 Admission>
2$ Until11pm
5$ After …

*Terrasse Ouverte*
♥ Alcool ♥
*2$ Bière 12AM*
Other Alcool Special Price
Baby foot 😉


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