UNLOG night at Funding Drive- Sept 30 at Le Bleury

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Unlog presents :


Culturalex // Organic Alchemy


We’ll be hosting a very special showcase of Organic Alchemy, a live performance created by multimedia artist Culturalex in which fruits and vegetables are used as sources of inspiration and interaction.



One of Canada’s most active live beatmakers, Tehu has been a live performer, arranger, remixer and composer for around 15 years. Half of the live hip hop act Dézuet d’Plingrès, Tehu developed his very own style mixing jazz and boom bap culture on top of strong live skills.
We’ve featured two of his tracks on Unlog’s Tribute to Ravi Shankar and Unlog Complex #05 (Links below)

Tehu – As found

Tondal – Dude you died (Tehu remix)

Same track played live

Engone Endong


Raising from his Hip-Hop beginnings in Libreville, Gabon, Engone Endong moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2005 where he honed his craft as a producer-beatmaker-scientist of sound.
He released his first album, Colored Dust Lite, (Atsie Sun Orchestra) in 2011 which led him to write the score for “United States of Africa”. He is also part of the Montreal based collective Hyfricans.
At the crossroads between roots influences and future hip hop, Engone Endong’s music has a very unique upbeat vibe, as you can hear on his latest EP #OKENG, released earlier this year on Unlog.

[ULG#001] – Engone Endong – #OKENG



Live performances from Morbin, also known as Jon Rist, are very rare.
Turntablist and former hip hop DJ, he later started producing under the moniker Morbin, project in which has developped a very wide range of sound textures, through collaborations with CoMa and Montreal based singer Jesse Abran. Four albums later, with two tracks featured in our Unlog Complex compilations, we’re honoured to have him perform for this event.

Morbin – Cancel

Morbin’s Discography

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