Metamorphosis of Muses – Rogers Molls

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Release of the album “Metamorphosis Of Muses” .
This album is 100% autoproduction. No Label, no producer, no money. This album is the result of hardworking, collaboration, motivation, coping,…in a Do It Yourself mind.
In this post, I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to make this album real. They have participated on this project for free, for the vibes, for the art.
I really want to thank them very very much.

The Emcees/Singers
Paxton Fenimore, Clem Powels, MC John McClane, Above Ave., Kevin Bk Brooks, Slik Jack, Det Inate, Crop Circles720, Original Fisheye.

The Musiciens
Jonathan Jannotta, Noyl, Antoine Derouck, Nathan Marecaux , Pea Punch

The support team
Ben Fry, Cône Prod, Samimagine, Cyril , Arom, Monya, Marine, Benco, Gwezm, Audrette, Philipe Baudoin, Sand,…

So, last thing, but not least :
if you like this album, share it.
Unsigned artists don’t have access to the medias, you know.
So it’s up to you to promote it. Thanks a lot for doing it.
By you, things will go further.

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